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Igbo Neologism English Translation Category
onye isi na-ezughi oke Yes A person suffering from severe heritable emotional derangement (psychopath) C
nwa amuru na-alughi di na nwunye Yes A child born of parents who were not married (illegitimate child; bastard) C
isi mgbaka Yes Mental illness which is believed to be hereditary W
iyi ara Yes Madness which is heritable W
Nwoke ma o bu nwanyi No Gender W
Ihe na-eme ka nwa a muru ohuru yie onye ma o bu ndi muru ya No Gene, or genetic factors that make a newly born baby look like the mother or parent W
Akuko maka agburu bido na nna nna ochie No History of a family's descendants with shared traits (genealogy) W
Igbo Neologism English Translation Category

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