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Hausa Neologism English Translation Category
Cutar sikila / ciwon sikila No Sickle cell disease W
Cutar tarin fuka No Tuberculosis W
Wannan dan / Yarsa dole ne ya gaji wannan matsalar daga kakanin kakaninsa / Yaran sun gaji matsalan cuta daga wajen kakanninsu No This child must have inherited this health problem from his/her grandparents P
Wani cuta / Cuta tana gudana a cikin wannan iyali / Wannan cutar da suke da ita a famili No A particular sickness/disease runs in that family W
Gwayan halittan dasuke cikin jinni / Abubuwan halittar jinni a cikin jini No Genetic factors in the blood W
Yaron da yake hali irin na iyayensa / Wanan yaro yayi kama da iyayen sa / Wannan yaron yana kama da iyayen sa / a halayyar sa No This child resembles his/her parents in behavior W
Abubuwan halittar jini a cikin jini / Gwayan halittan dasuke cikin jini No Genetic factors (in the blood) responsible for heritability C
Hausa Neologism English Translation Category

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